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About Arkansas Black Vitality

Arkansas Black Vitality (ABV) is a statewide, Black-owned lifestyle magazine that is focused on the life, health, news, events, people, issues and information of importance to the Black community. ABV’s goal is to be the place to go- in print, web, digital or social about what is going on within the Black community in the Natural State.

Published the first week of each month, AV will be hand-delivered, free of charge, to targeted rural and urban locations across Arkansas’ Black footprint, including churches, businesses, organizations and “Black Carpet” events. Our magazine will also be distributed to locations in the broader Little Rock area.

We will also offer a free digital copy of our magazine at ArkansasBlackVitality.com and offer paid subscriptions to our readers who want to receive ABV by mall each month.

“We embrace Life. We promote Healthy lifestyles. We love Community.”


Wesley Brown

Arkansas Black Vitality is a new and unique entry into the Natural State’s lifestyle magazine genre. Led by news publishing executive and veteran award-winning Arkansas business and political journalist Wesley Brown, and former STAND! News Editorial Director Debrah Mitchell, Arkansas Black Vitality will officially launch our brand-new, high-level lifestyle magazine. Our goal is to provide our readers, clients, advertisers and sponsors a diverse and well-written media offering that complements any advertising portfolio.

Whether small business, Fortune 500 corporate, mom-and-pop retailer, nonprofit, trade association or advertising firm, our publication will strengthen and amplify your reach to diverse, loyal and underrepresented populations.


Angel Burt
Marketing Director

As the Marketing Officer of Arkansas Black Vitality (ABV), our mission is to change the negative stereotypes and images of the Black community and acknowledge Black people as cultural change-makers. I see ABV as being a change agent. In each edition of ABV, our readers will find the highest caliber of stories that are impactful to everyone who reads the magazine.

We want our readers to learn something new or gain a different perspective or unique insight into our community they might not have known before. Being one of the first.

Statewide Black magazines in Arkansas, one of our goals is that every reader will feel the Value of each story and feel proud of themselves, their families, and the community. Thats our focus, that’s our vision, that’s Black vitality – Arkansas Black Vitality.