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Ain’t No Party Like a “Block” Party

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Ain’t No Party Like a “Block” Party


In a recent interview with Arkansas Black Vitality, local musician Rodney Block discussed his background and his new album, “Percival Jenkins,” set to be released on April 9th. Block, a country boy from Dumas who has been performing for over 20 years, has birthed an eclectic album that he believes anyone can connect with — from the youth to all the grandparents. 

Block first talked about his upcoming album, which he has been working on for three years, releasing a few singles during COVID-19. He describes it as cool, smooth R&B with some Afro-beat and funk influences. He collaborated with Deshawn Roosevelt Harris on his lead single “Who Do You Love?” The album was released on Good Friday. He also plans to sign 100 physical copies for fans who want a personal touch. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Block revealed that he identifies with the character of Percival Jenkins from Andre 3000’s universe as his new alter ego. Stating that, “The Percival is a nerd who loves music and loves to play music,” much like Block himself. He wanted to create an album that would showcase his versatility and eclectic style, much like the character and with this new release, he captures It perfectly. 

Block also discussed his other alter ego,” The Black Superman,” which he has had since his band was formed. As the leader of the band, he sees himself as Superman and the band as the Justice League. He and his band have played every type of gig imaginable, from club gigs to corporate events, festivals, special events, and anniversaries. Any genre you need played; they can play it. 

Block admitted that performing can be tiring, especially when his schedule can consist of up to four shows in one day, which is his all-time record. But he enjoys the challenge and loves playing the trumpet, even though it can be exhausting. 

He emphasized the importance of warming up before gigs, just like athletes warm up their muscles. He emphasized the importance of keeping real music alive, bringing excitement to the youth around educating themselves on the history of music, and encouraging them to play in the band. Block has witnessed firsthand the impact his performances have had on audiences and he is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the art form. 

Overall, Block is excited about his upcoming album and the new opportunities that come with it. He hopes to continue performing and creating music that people can connect with, just like his alter ego Percival Jenkins. With hopes of saving the world of music like the black superman he is

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