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Bank Of America Backs UAPB Star: Dorian H Journey To Top Art Program At University Of Delaware.

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Bank Of America Backs UAPB Star: Dorian H Journey To Top Art Program At University Of Delaware.


Adaiah Simms – Allow me to introduce Mr. Dorian Henry II, a junior from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Dorian’s unwavering passion for the arts has led him to embark on an academic journey at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). 

Earlier this summer, Henry was one of ten advanced students from HBCUs, and other minority-serving institutions selected to participate in the Curatorial Research Curator program at the University of Delaware. During the six-week program, Dorian will learn art conservation fundamentals to help protect and preserve cultural artifacts, all while receiving free transportation, housing, and a stipend for expenses. 

To help directly promote and boost diverse talent into the arts, Bank of America provided a $500,000 grant to UDel and the Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries, allowing the university’s Department of Art Conservation summer program to double the number of students able to attend. Henry is currently a sophomore studying visual arts at UAPB. 10 HBCU By The Arkansas Black Vitality Staff CORNER 

“It feels great to be accepted into the art conservation program. I learned from different people from different backgrounds and what they are majoring in,” said Henry. “It’s so interesting to learn from different people majoring in chemistry and other majors while still being interested in conservation.” 

Dorian harbors ambitions of a future role as a curatorial research curator, and at present, he diligently fulfills the responsibilities of an education curatorial intern. His impressive portfolio of internships extends across prestigious institutions, including the Bard Graduate Center, Yale University Art Gallery, the Winterthur Museum, and his current position at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas. 

This Bank of America financial support not only expanded the capacity of UDel’s Department of Art Conservation summer program but also paved the way for a greater number of scholars to partake in this enriching experience. When reflecting on his tenure in the program, Henry offers this keen perspective. 

“When I started graphic design, it was pretty bad, and then I just had to keep doing it every day,” he said. “Every day, work on it, and you will sharpen your skills.” 

He also underscores the immense significance of engaging with Delaware’s natural surroundings as a wellspring of enlightenment. The sprawling botanical landscape, coupled with the inherent aesthetic beauty of flora, has served as a source of creative inspiration for Henry. He said it brings attention to the intricate relationship between artistic expression and the natural world, highlighting how they inform and enrich one another. 

Henry, who is poised to guide budding artists and curators, eloquently expounds upon the pivotal role of unwavering practice in attaining mastery in one’s chosen field. He said the relentless dedication to refining one’s skills and the continuous evolution of artistic expression constitute the cardinal pathway to achieving excellence in the realms of art and curation. His clever words offer profound insight and serve as an erudite compass for all those who are navigating the exciting and challenging terrain of artistic fervor and scholarship.

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