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When my friend invited me to a “wine down” stretching and relaxation class on a Friday night, I responded, “you had me at wine.” I didn’t know what I was in for (except the wine), but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a studio full of young people. There were yoga mats, soothing lights, and relaxing music. Daniel R. Anderson Jr. led the class and greeted everyone as they trickled in. The wine was flowing right away, and we all settled down to begin a series of stretches and moves designed to release tension. 

One of the first things I noticed about Daniel was his style. Jimmy Lee Beasly and Tiffany Ro are the designers behind Daniel’s look. Their label is Beasy. I took a peek at their online store and loved the bold colors, unisex shorts, and hoodies. All the clothing is made from fabrics designed to move with you and breathe. 

Daniel guided us through his stretching sequences and moved around the studio to give one-on-one attention when the students needed it. Each of us was given a towel, tennis ball, yoga mat, and cushion for the class; I only had to bring myself, which was convenient. The class lasted about an hour from start to finish. I’ll definitely be going back. It was a fantastic way to end a busy week.

I had to know more about Daniel. I approached him and we started chatting. He is a personal trainer with a decade of experience. He is certified in personal training, sports performance, nutrition, and corrective exercises. In addition to the monthly Wine Down class, he is gearing up to start a group corrective exercise class. The goal of the course is to help people who are in or coming out of physical therapy supplement the work they’ve already been doing after an injury. Daniel will be announcing those dates soon. 

A North Little Rock native, Daniel studied social sciences at Pulaski Technical College and is currently studying Dietetics. Training is his passion and you can tell. He trains his clients in the comfort of their homes or studio and works with all age ranges. The pricing varies depending on the needs of the client. The corrective classes are $300 for 12 sessions for those who prefer a group setting. Daniel has a big following on his Facebook page. You can find it at “Daniel R. Anderson Jr.” The page has videos from the Wine Down class and information about upcoming classes. 

I hope to see some of you at the next Wine Down on May 12th. It’s a great way to end your week and support a locally Black-Owned Business (BOB). The class will be at 5107 Warden Rd. in North Little Rock.

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